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 Posted by on November 19, 2016
Nov 192016

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. On Thursday, most of us will be spending time with friends and family, talking, eating and maybe watching football. At some point hopefully each of us is able to take some time to reflect on the things we are all thankful for.

At Somerset Apartments in Chino, CA we have plenty to be thankful for.

Our Staff

Our incredible staff work hard to ensure every one’s needs at Somerset are fulfilled and they always get the job done with a great attitude. We are very fortunate to have such a wonderful team here at Somerset.

Our Residents

Obviously, Somerset Apartments wouldn’t be here with our residents. But beyond that, we are blessed to have so many wonderful people living here. Truly, all of our residents contribute to Somerset being a great place to call home.

Earlier this month we held a Resident Appreciation Fiesta to show our gratitude. Many residents came by and enjoyed the festivities. Check out the Gallery on Facebook:

City of Chino

The city we call home. Chino, California is a wonderful place to live (read what it’s like to live in Chino). Located in Southern California – one of the most desirable places to live in the world – the weather is amazing. It has every amenity I can think of: highly rated services and shopping, great schools and delicious food (see our list of best places to eat near Somerset Apartments). And, best of all it’s a terrific community. The fun community events and the spirit of service is alive and well in Chino. We are thankful to live in such a wonderful city.

Happy Thanksgiving

There are many other things that we are thankful, but these rank pretty high. We hope you have as many awesome things to feel grateful for as we do. And we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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