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 Posted by on November 19, 2016
Nov 192016

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. On Thursday, most of us will be spending time with friends and family, talking, eating and maybe watching football. At some point hopefully each of us is able to take some time to reflect on the things we are all thankful for.

At Somerset Apartments in Chino, CA we have plenty to be thankful for.

Our Staff

Our incredible staff work hard to ensure every one’s needs at Somerset are fulfilled and they always get the job done with a great attitude. We are very fortunate to have such a wonderful team here at Somerset.

Our Residents

Obviously, Somerset Apartments wouldn’t be here with our residents. But beyond that, we are blessed to have so many wonderful people living here. Truly, all of our residents contribute to Somerset being a great place to call home.

Earlier this month we held a Resident Appreciation Fiesta to show our gratitude. Many residents came by and enjoyed the festivities. Check out the Gallery on Facebook:

City of Chino

The city we call home. Chino, California is a wonderful place to live (read what it’s like to live in Chino). Located in Southern California – one of the most desirable places to live in the world – the weather is amazing. It has every amenity I can think of: highly rated services and shopping, great schools and delicious food (see our list of best places to eat near Somerset Apartments). And, best of all it’s a terrific community. The fun community events and the spirit of service is alive and well in Chino. We are thankful to live in such a wonderful city.

Happy Thanksgiving

There are many other things that we are thankful, but these rank pretty high. We hope you have as many awesome things to feel grateful for as we do. And we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Living in Chino, California

 Posted by on August 24, 2016
Aug 242016

Most people have never heard of the city of Chino in California. Many people who have heard of the town have only heard of it in reference to the Chino Prison. And many people who live in surrounding areas in southern California think of Chino as Cow Country. But, to those of us who live here Chino is home, and it’s a great place to live.

The suburban city is located in southern California in the Inland Empire. Once the largest milk-producing community in the nation’s largest milk-producing state, Chino has a rich agricultural past. And while there is still a bit of farmland, Chino has been developed into a middle-class suburban city that has seen a lot of change. Last year, the California State Department of Finance listed Chino as one of the fastest growing cities in California.

While this city is a great place for anyone to live it is ideal for families.

Chino has over 20 city parks and a thriving youth sports community. If you grew up in Chino there’s a good chance you played in an organized sport.

5362558667_5bb0b82296_bThe Chino Youth Museum, The Chino Skate Park, and the annual events that are put on year round all contribute to Chino being a great place for kids. Events are put on in partnership with local organizations. Some of the more popular events include Chino Summer Nights featuring live music and outdoor movies on the City Hall Lawn, the weekly Chino Farmers Market and The Chino Youth Christmas Parade and Fair.

K-12 Schools in Chino are in the reputable Chino Valley Unified School District. There are 11 elementary schools, 3 junior high schools and 3 high schools.

All considered, it’s not surprising that Chino has been selected as one of the 100 Best Communities for Young People by America’s Promise Alliance 4 times.

Outside of families, Chino is also good place for young professionals and businesses. Chaffey College’s Chino Campus provides several courses. The Chino Business Resource Center provides free resources for those looking to start or expand a business. Their services include hosting workshops and providing one-on-one business consulting. There are also many business organization that are providing great services and gaining more and more membership.

Leaders in the city boast Chino’s culture of volunteerism. The city’s family-friendly events are put on in partnership with local organizations. The youth sports programs are executed by volunteers. And there are a large number of faith based organizations providing valuable services to the community.

On any given day in chino you can find volunteers dedicating countless hours to service clubs, youth sports groups, and faith based organizations. Some of our favorite organizations in Chino include the Let It Be Foundation, Boys Republic, Chino Neighborhood House, and the Chino YMCA.

Yokosuka_D4Y_Dive_Bomber_at_Planes_of_Fame,_Chino,_CaliforniaChino is the proud home of the Planes of Fame Air Museum at the Chino Airport.

Although Chino isn’t known for it’s cuisine there are so many places with delicious food just within a few miles of Somerset Chino. Click here to check out our list of The Top 5 Places To Eat Near Somerset Apartments.

Awesome weather, growing community, family oriented attitude, business friendly atmosphere, great food, all the amenities of any suburban California city, and families full of wonderful people – Chino is a great place to live.

What is your favorite thing about Chino?


Jul 212016

We created this top 5 list by looking at restaurants that are in our neighborhood. We base these choices on online reviews, recommendations from people who live here, and personal favorites. We also aimed for diversity in our choices to satisfy more cravings.

Here it is, our Top 5 Places to Eat Near Somerset Apartments.

Los Portales Mexican Grill & Seafood

A long time favorite. Los Portales has been here for close to 20 years and they are still serving up delicious food. Go there during the day for a great deal with their lunch specials, or in the evenings when they sometimes have live music, or go on Taco Tuesday for $1.5o tacos.

Gangnam Korean BBQ

On Central Ave. in Chino this place is new to the neighborhood, but it has made a fast impression. Korean BBQ is often a fun social experience. Roast food right at your table and get a taste of everything. This Korean BBQ has extensive meat choices and a self serve area for side dishes that is all you can eat. Try out their unique Kimchee Cheese Fries for a flavor experience.

12322483_1646806688941200_874904520367172984_oThe Flinderstreet Cafe

Located on Philadelphia St. just North of the 60 freeway in Chino, The Flinderstreet Cafe is a bakery and coffee house that also serves sandwiches, pastas and salads. It really is just a nice little cafe with fresh ingredients and great service. Sometimes they even bring fresh cookies around for customers to enjoy for free!

Mariscos’s El Rafa

Right next door! This restaurant is around the corner on Ramona Ave. and specializes in fresh Mexican seafood dishes. Most people who dine there think of it as a hidden gem. Their fresh seafood dishes are packed with flavor. Try their aguachili or ceviche with a cool michelada.

garden-omletAvocado House

The Avocado House on Central Ave. in Chino, CA is an old house that has been converted into a popular breakfast and lunch restaurant. There is always a crowd here, it seems everyone in Chino knows The Avocado House is a great place to eat. Sit on the patio and enjoy the Belgium waffles with their mouth-watering caramel syrup or enjoy a fluffy Garden Omelette.

Thai Thani Cuisine

If you ever have a craving for Thai food, this is the place to go. It has all the thai dishes you’d expect to see and then some. It’s an easy place to order food for pick-up and they even deliver. We like their curries and tom kha soups.

11150191_1560636950855344_8975969344060604994_nBonus Spot – Raspados Y Frutas El Caribe

Right next door! It’s not exactly a restaurant, but they do have mouth watering treats! Order a fresh fruit cup or try their famous mangoniada! The shaved ice treat is made with mangos, chamoy sauce, lime juice, chili powder and has tamarind candy on top plus your choice of fresh fruits. You can also try it with some ice cream mixed in. In addition they have many other treats. Their food is on the lighter side, great for snacks or an afternoon pick me up.

What do you think of our Top 5 Restaurants list? Are we missing your favorite place to eat? Let us know your favorite place on our Facebook Page, click here.

DSC_1103Somerset Apartments is located in Chino, CA on Romona Ave. just north of the 60 Freeway. We provide convenient and charming living in Chino, California.

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Aug 062013

We’re excited to announce that National Night Out will be taking place at Somerset Apartments on Tuesday, August 6 from 5pm to 6pm.

National Night Out is a nation-wide event held to:

  • bring awareness for crime prevention
  • develop support and participation in anti-crime programs
  • strengthen partnerships between police and the community
  • send a message to criminals that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back.

We will be hosting the event near the barbecue/pool area near the front of the Somerset Apartment complex and are looking forward to a great event.

The Chino Police Department and Target will be visiting local neighborhoods to provide information on police and city resources.  They will be giving away FREE stuff.

If you’re interested in attending this year’s event and would like to get a feel for what the event has in-store watch this video from last years National Night Out Event.

Looking forward to having a great event!  Hope to see you all there!

National Night Out event to be held at Somerset Apartments in Chino, CA. Inland Empire.

National Night Out


Every month residents of Somerset Apartments in Chino get together to play Bunco.

Bunco Event at Somerset Apartments in Chino

Bunco originally came from an 18th century English dice game called 8-dice cloth.  It transported its way to San Francisco in the mid-1800s as a gambling activity where it gave its name to gambling parlors . . . or bunco parlors.  Bunco has had its ups and downs over the years since it’s introduction to the United States seeing resurgences shortly after the Civil War, during Prohibition, and again in the 1980’s.

The Somerset residents have been coming to play Bunco together for years and plan to continue playing Bunco together for the foreseeable future.  Each month a new person hosts the Bunco event and provides food for everyone.  Then, the Bunco game begins. Players roll dice and move from table to table.

Bunco is a lot of fun. The players have a great time which is why they come back every month; some players no longer live in the apartments, but they still come back to play and reconnect with old friends.  It’s a great experience and a testament to the great people associated with the Somerset Apartments in Chino.

The people and staff at Somerset Apartments are friendly and the people who live here know they’re at home.  Bunco is not the only time residents get together . . . there are BBQ’s, Bingo nights, Movie nights and a variety of other events that bring the people of Somerset Apartments together to build a strong community.  Stay tuned for more updates on the Somerset Apartments and the residents who live here.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Somerset community please call Brandi McCombs at (909) 627-2717.

Somerset Apartments | 12180 Ramona Ave | Chino CA | (909) 627-2717